Healthiest Restaurants in Glasgow: Eating Out Made Healthy


It can be difficult to eat out with friends and family when you are trying to be healthy. However, the healthiest restaurants in Glasgow could be the next place for you to try. With a selection of many different menus and dishes to choose from you will be spoiled for choice. One of the Healthiest Restaurants in Glasgow.


One of the Healthiest Restaurants in Glasgow

Kcal Kitchen is one of the healthiest Restaurants in Glasgow. They have a selection of dishes to choose from either if it is breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts at a reasonable cost, there is really no reason not to try this restaurant. There is also a vegan menu and you can also take away from the restaurant instead of sitting in. As well as eating out or taking away you can buy prep meals weekly with different selections to choose from. The restaurant is opened from 10.00 am-10 pm on weekdays, Saturdays it is open from 10 am until 8 pm and then 10 am – 6 pm and is located on West Regent Street.


Martha’s Restaurant in Glasgow


At Martha’s restaurant, there is a great range of healthy foods to choose from ranging from vegetable filled foods and foods with meats. They offer foods that are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and the foods are also gluten-free as well as dairy free. Martha’s restaurant is located on St Vincent Street and is open from 7.30 am-6 pm weekdays. However, it is closed on weekends.


Best Foods to Order in All Restaurants

shrimp healthiest rstaurants in glasgow

When eating healthy in a restaurant that specialises in all food, it can be hard to know what to order. If you order foods it is better to order extra sides of vegetables instead of ordering fries with your meal. It can also be a good idea to avoid heavy foods that contain a lot of cream and sticking to soups and salads can be filling as well as healthy. Depending on the restaurant you go to you can alter what you can eat. For example, if you go to a Chinese restaurant then it is better to order brown rice or boiled rice instead of fried rice. If you go to an Italian restaurant it is best to skip eating bread and ordering small portions. When eating Mexican food it is best to eat burritos and have lots of vegetable fillings.

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