My Experience With Heathrow PCR Test Booking

Due to the threat of coronavirus across the world, Heathrow airport as well as many other airports around Europe have mandatory control measures in place in order to protect passengers. One of these public health control measures is the PCR test. In this blog I will share with you my own unique experience with Heathrow PCR test booking and what this meant for my onward travel plans.

Planning My Holiday Online

Probably one of the easiest and most relaxing part of my travel planning before my trip to France was planning my travels online. When I was doing this I was actively looking for some of the best flight deals available on travel websites as well as looking into hotels and accommodation to stay in for once I had reached my destination in France. One of the most important things I noted about arranging this was that good discounts are available online so long as you book well in advance. Last minute travellers, take note!

The next steps I took after finding an affordable flight to Paris was arranging my Heathrow PCR test booking. Booking my test prior to arrival at the airport made the most sense to me as I didn’t want to be rushed or find that I had tested positive just before my flight. Therefore I booked my rapid PCR test online. The whole process from start to finish was made easy and I found some of the most affordable tests available by looking online. If you are interested in the tests I used for my trip they can be found here.

Travel Insurance And Other Arrangements

As well as the main parts of my trip such as flights and onward travel, something you should never forget to arrange is travel insurance. Travel insurance is a cheap and cost effective way of ensuring that you are legally covered should something happen whilst you are travelling abroad. Depending on what kind of insurance company you choose, this can range from everything from health insurance to your possessions and refunds for cancelled travel arrangements and disruption to your travel.

Also, if you’re thinking about travelling much around wherever you choose to visit, please do be careful about local health restrictions and control measures. When I was arranging my trip to France I think I slightly underestimated just how many measures were in place and the impact that they can have on your movements as well as travel plans. This made me think that Heathrow PCR test booking was probably the easiest stage of adhering to heath protection measures on my journey. In addition to this there were many other kinds of checks implemented throughout France.

My Advice To Novice Travellers

Whether you are travelling for the first time or have travelled before, its clear now that the way we can all travel has changed forever. The global pandemic has meant that stronger health measures and restrictions have had to be introduced globally leading to more expensive travel costs as well as additional expense put onto the passenger. Therefore, when you are planning your travels, be ready to go over budget and make sure that you do all you can to ensure that you comply with the local covid 19 legislation and guidelines.

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