Local Dishes You Must Try When Visiting Jamaica | Food Guide


Jamaica agreeably has some of the best dishes and the island has produced some great flavours. Due to its past, it has been influenced by cuisines from across the globe resulting in a mixture of different tastes so there is something for everyone. Here are a few local dishes that any tourist should try when they visit.

  1. Jerk Chicken- Jerk chicken or as I like to call it- Jamaica’s take on KFC uses a blend of spices, pimento leaves and herbs to soak the chicken in. It is a pretty famous dish among the locals and is cooked for quite a few festivals or special occasions. Found in roadside shacks and fancy restaurants, the traditional aspect of the dish remains in tack as it always cooked over pimento wood.
  2. Curry Goat- This dish is serves exactly how you would expect, in a curry. There is also some hot rice as a side dish, commonly accompanies by a salad. The meat is rich in taste and one of the less spicy dishes Jamaica has to offer.

Jerk Chicken on the Grill is one of Jamaica's popular dishes

  1. Fried Breadfruit- Getting fried breadfruit is the Jamaican equivalent of picking adding mashed potatoes to a meal. It goes with anything and is easy to make. It was originally introduced in 1793 and is now a part of the local diet.
  2. Ram Punch- Much like the caipirinha in Brazil, the ram punch marks itself as the most famous alcoholic drink in Jamaica. It contains strawberry syrup and rum. It definitely has a kick to it and is part of every party.
  3. Beef Patty- The beef patty is now also available with a cheese chicken, shrimp or soy filling with beef still being the go-to meat. It is accompanied with coco bread and is a pastry dish. It is covered with a flaky pastry exterior and the inside has spices and beef. It is considered a great snack as well as being a side dish for meals.
  4. Bammy- Bammy is basically carbs but fried which makes it absolutely amazing. It is local flatbread that makes its way into most meal time plates. The cassava is soaked in coconut oil before being fried and ready to serve.
  5. Dumplings- There is two types of dumplings dishes served in Jamaica. It is either boiled or first boiled and then fried. They are often as a side dish for fish food and pull together the meal pretty well.

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