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The great part about visiting Italy is that each area has a culture and cuisine of with dishes that most tourists would kill to experience. Rome offers some amazing dishes that have served as local delicacies for centuries and beg you to take a bite.

  1. Pizza Bianca- Even though pizza has made its way around the globe, Pizza Bianca which literally means white pizza in English never really made it past Rome. It is found in practically any bakery in Rome and is a white flaky and crispy pastry-like pizza.
  2. Carbonara- Carbonara is one of the most famous dishes in Italy and is a meal you would come home to if you lived in Rome. The dish was originally made in the twentieth century. The egg based sauce with black pepper really brings out the flavour of the dish but keeps it simple.
  3. Pizza Roman- Pizza may have originated in Naples but the Roman version is thinner and crispier than its predecessor. It is normally kept quite simple with a margherita but many tend to opt for something with more toppings.

Spaghetti Dishes with Creamy Sauce and Ham on a plate

  1. Coda alla vaccinara- A lot of countries cringe at the thought of using the tails, tongue, feet, heart, brain and other parts of the animals but Rome has many dishes where this is the primary attraction. Coda alla vaccinara uses oxtail as its meat and stews it along with onions, garlic, celery and other ingredients.
  2. Puntarella- If the pizza is becoming too much and you feel like your waistline is steadily growing, puntarella could be the healthier option to depend on. Puntarella are bitter leaves that are mixed in ice cold water until they curl up. After which, they are mixed lemon juice and olive oil. After adding anchovies, this salad makes it way to most dinners.
  3. Fried Artichokes- Artichokes are part of most Roman meals and are found in many variants. You can eat them fried, baked or roasted but the fried version much like everything else fried is the preferred type. Jewish-style artichokes or as they are called in Rome- carciofi alla Giudea are double fried and pack quite the crunch. It is a side dish that you will be offered quite a bit in a lot of homes.
  4. Suppli- This snack is found on almost every road in Rome and is the equivalent of buying a bag of crisps on the way back home. It is a crumbed ball of risotto that is then fried. It is one of the cheapest dishes Rome has to offer and you will a line of people waiting their turn during lunch hour.


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