How To Get Into Cooking In Just Five Easy Steps

If you find yourself ordering food or going out to eat all the time, you might be avoiding your kitchen. Many young adults leave the family home and realise they do not have enough experience in the cooking department. In order to build your kitchen confidence, there are some steps you can try. This will help you to improve your cooking. It might even result in a new hobby! Cookery is one of the most watched things on TV so there is a massive market for it, and loads of content on the internet for finding recipes and techniques. You just have to make the leap and start cooking!

Read on and find out how to get into cooking in just five easy steps.

Start With Food You Enjoy

The best thing to do is to start with food you enjoy. If you’re a massive pasta fan then just try cooking the pasta and chucking in a pre-made sauce. You can gradually build up to making your own sauce, and then eventually making your own pasta!

Plan Your Meals And Make A List

Once you have a couple of things under your belt you can plan your meals each week. This will help you when it comes to doing your food shopping. You can buy the same things each week and gradually learn how to save money or change things up using your own repertoire.

Invest In Better Cookware

Learning how to cook can be murder when you have blunt knives and old pans that have pasta burnt on from five years ago. Get yourself some good quality cookware. If you are low on cash, make a list of things you would like and replace your stuff gradually over a period of time.

Make Things Up As You Go Along

One of the best ways to learn cooking skills is just to test things out! Instead of the spice mentioned in the recipe, try a different one. It might taste weird, but that’s how you learn what goes and what doesn’t. Eventually, you will be able to tell how things will pair up before you’ve even started cooking.

Share Your Dishes With Others

A great way to build confidence is to cook for others. Invite your partner, friends or family over for dinner and whip up something you’ve been practising. Their compliments will hopefully encourage you to try cooking other things too. It’s the boost you need to get you going!


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